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Four trading rooms with real-time Forex trading led by the legendary FXChief®, Jared Martinez, and our professional analyst team with a combined 150 years of trading experience.

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138,036 PIPS SINCE 2018**

Jared teaches you the formula to consistent results by using four major timeframes to confirm market direction. Get a virtual front row seat as a master trader uses powerful charting tools to turn confusing charts in to easy to understand information enabling you to place trades more accurately than you would if were trading alone.
  • Trade with the Golden Ratio: In live sessions, you’ll be taught popular Fibonacci trading strategies, straight from the experts who have spent decades creating and perfecting them.
  • Explore Every Avenue: In each weekly session, you’ll enjoy a deep dive into all 28 major pairs. Sift through multiple timeframes to find and confirm the market’s top trading opportunities. See an expert’s favorite trades, and watch over their shoulder as they walk you through every step of the way.
  • Win the Mental Battle: Find out why the FXChief® says that successful trading is 90% mental. See how it’s possible, even critical, to gain value from every trade. Pick up memorable lessons for harnessing your emotions and putting them to your advantage in your daily trading.
  • Recordings of each session to watch on your own time*

43,082 PIPS SINCE 2019**

The Flex Trading Room is designed to plan any trade, and trade any plan. Traders utilize a variety of tactics to optimize results by tailoring strategies to current market conditions. The goal is to arm traders with the tools and resources to trade low or high volatility, trending or ranging markets, risk-on or risk off environments.
  • Level Up Your Trading Ability: In the Flex Trading Room, we want you to learn by DOING. You’re joining a community with everyone from absolute beginners to veteran full-time traders and they all have the same goal - to be consistently profitable. Get hands on with live sessions, educational lessons and constant, steady support.
  • Learn at Your Pace, on Your Terms: All sessions are recorded and archived the same day. Most setups you will see are time sensitive to the same trading week, but not to that live session or a single day. The big-picture goal is long-term, consistently effective trading that brings you closer to reaching your goals.
  • Put Technology to Work for You: In the Flex Trading Room, you’ll get an up-close look into the power of modern automated systems designed for different market conditions. See how a trader could potentially use automation to bolster their trading efforts, even while they’re off enjoying their free time.
  • Recordings of each session to watch on your own time*

13,043 PIPS IN APRIL 2020**

Many traders believe they must make a choice between time and effort, versus the goals and results they hope to achieve. However, technology is eliminating the need to pick one or the other. With a hybrid approach, traders have the ability to combine technical analysis with automated trading systems to dramatically lower the time needed for trading.
  • Attack the Market with a Time-Tested Game Plan: Trading Room members gain access to a Game Plan document that is updated in each live trading session. This is used to track the 5 steps in the trade qualifying process, and makes traders aware of what the directional bias is and if the Trading Robot has been deployed in that direction.
  • Getting Back to Basics: Traders see tactics aimed at simplifying technical analysis and combining it with automation, so you can position yourself to take advantage of the best opportunities the market offers.
  • Timing is Everything: So often, traders struggle with knowing when to take profit or when to cut your losses. In this trading room, you will be taught the skills and the potential confidence of timing the right moment to get in the market, and when it could be better to get or stay out.
  • Recordings of each session to watch on your own time*

12,388 PIPS SINCE 2019**

Many times, traders encounter what is known as “paralysis by analysis.” They are trying to keep up with so many different pairs, so much news, every strategy, that they lose sight of their #1 goal – making money. The Money Flow Trading Room is designed to remove a lot of that excess and get traders back on target with one simple objective: Put yourself in position to potentially generate a consistent, extra income.
  • Put the Numbers on Your Side: This trading room focuses on a formula built around an easy-to-digest, yet powerful price pattern called “Money Flow.” Traders are taught the process of applying the Money Flow pattern to potentially identify high-probability opportunities to trade and the direction they should be traded in.
  • Slim Down for Faster, Confident Trading: Too many traders try to do it all and trade everything. The Money Flow Trading Room shows traders how to rank each currency that meets the formula’s requirements, and establish the top 3-5 ranked currencies to trade each week.
  • Take Aim at True Financial Freedom: Short-term wins are nice, but they only take you so far. The Money Flow Trading Room is designed to help traders control their financial future. By equipping you with this powerful formula, we want to arm you with the tools and strategies that could put you on the path to generating consistent results.
  • Recordings of each session to watch on your own time*
Skip the Line and Get Access to 360PRO Trading Circle
The cost is $299.95 to join and covers FULL ACCESS to all 4 trading rooms with Real-Time, engaging, online Forex trading education led by the legendary FXChief®, Jared Martinez, and our professional analyst team with a combined 150 years of trading experience!


360PRO Trading Circle

$299.95 / month


Your 360PRO Trading Circle Subscription Includes Access to:

  • Fibs & Formations with Forex legend, The FXChief® (regularly $99/month)
  • ​Flex Trading Room with Chris Pulver (regularly $99/month)
  • ​Hybrid Trading Room with Gary Fichardt (regularly $99/month)
  • ​Money Flow Trading Room with Tyson Clayton (regularly $99/month)
  • ​Weekly, live sessions to see how a pro identifies market opportunities
  • Access to All 4 Trading Room archives to watch sessions later anytime*​
  • ​Sneak peeks and live demonstrations of trading systems and strategies in action
  • ​A network with like-minded traders who share similar trading styles

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