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OVER 200,000 PIPS


(And that's what we can account for from systems and strategies our experts used since 2018) 

We Believe Trading Rooms Could Help You Achieve FASTER Results
  • Never trade alone — Network with other traders who share your interests and goals so you never have to trade alone again
  • Join trading pros live — Validate trading opportunities and get your questions answered by our market analysts
  • Uncover your potential — Never limit what you can do by exploring next strategies fitting to various styles and trends

43,082 PIPS SINCE 2019**

Since 2017, Chris has consistently achieved five-figure results trading – over 30,000 pips in 2019!
Chris is often credited for breakthroughs in traders' success and has been published in renowned publications like FX Trader Magazine, Investopedia, FX Street, and more. Once an MTI student himself, he’s mastered our system and is ready to pass on what he’s learned to you. 

Tending to trade more on the conservative side, Chris always enters the market with a destination in mind, and is a wonderful mentor for those that are cautious or new to entering the Forex trading market.

Over the years he’s discovered that there are certain systems and strategies that he is able to use to target profitable trades. Using current events, news, and various market changes, Chris will show you how he gathers information to make better trading choices. Inside the Flex Trading Room, you’ll learn the keys for managing risk without limiting returns, and well as how to remain flexible in the market, and quickly adapt to change.
Why Traders Love Trading Rooms
Past results as represented in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of future results or success. Testimonials may not be representative of all reasonably comparable students. Trading involves significant risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors.

13,043 PIPS IN APRIL 2020**

Gary Fichardt has an extensive background in investments and trading. Studying all types of trading styles, from Fibonacci to candlesticks, he’s managed large accounts up to 30 million dollars, and has traded for banks, brokers, and other massive Forex clients. 

Twenty-five years of experience has perfected his Hybrid Trading approach, and within the Hybrid Trading Room, Gary will teach you the keys to being a consistent trader across the board, using live market experience. 

Piggyback on the experience of this twenty-five year veteran of the Forex market as he works to simplify your technical analysis and put technology to work for you when you can't. 
Veteran trader Tian Kriek provides daily, expert analysis as the host of Analyst on Demand. He brings 19 years of experience in the financial markets, and holds a background in Financial Analysis, with qualifications in Investment Management and Portfolio Analysis. He’s also a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute. 
Tian joined the MTI team in 2015, and uses his “Probability Study” technique to analyze the market. He believes in cutting losses short and letting profits run, not letting yourself get married to a trade. He teaches a comprehensive education on how to manage emotions en route to becoming a successful trader. He guides students in building a trading plan, and then trading using these methods.
Join Tian in Analyst on Demand as he helps new and existing students develop a strong foundation in Forex trading using strategies and lessons from the UTP.
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